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is a kind and beautiful 9-year-old girl. She has a slender body with brown hair in pigtails, dark skin, light freckles, and brown eyes. She also wears a sparkly purple headband with a flower (consisting of 5 pink pedals around its gray center) on it, a white lab coat with rolled-up sleeves, pockets on each side, and a timberwolf button on its left side, a lavender fleece shirt with purple stripes, a pink fleece skirt with pointy cuts, lavender knee pants with pink and rose polka dots on them, a pair of purple ankle-length socks, a pair of sparkly pink sneakers with white trimmings, and her magic stethoscope (consisting of both pink ear tips and chest plate, both lavender ear tube and tubing, a rose chestpiece, and a white diaphragm with its insignia consisting of a sienna Band-Aid with a red heart on its center diagonally to the left on a purple outline circle) that causes her toy buddies to come to life when her family and human friends aren't with her. She is usually seen in other clothes in some episodes.