My Friends Tigger and Pooh Stories from the Heart was created by Sterling Burns. The first story was released March 09, 2015. In The New Boy a boy joins the Hundred Acre Wood, his name is James. And in Super-Sized Brother Darby's 3 year old brother, Caleb joins the series.

List of stories

Season 1

Season 1 Story 1  "Buster Bark Day"  March 09, 2015
Season 1 Story 2  "Sad Be an Eeyore"  March 11, 2015
Season 1 Story 3  "Roo's Birthday"  March 17, 2015
Season 1 Story 4  "The New Boy"  March 25, 2015
Season 1 Story 5  "Porcupine's Flute Problem"  March 30,2015
Season 1 Story 6  "The Tigger Leaves"  April 21, 2015

Season 2

 Season 2 Story 1  "Super Sized-Brother"  May 5, 2015
 Season 2 Story 2  "Once Upon a Tired Tigger"  May 12, 2015

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